Secondary Math and Science


Secondary Math & Science

Continuous Learning Framework Resources

Recommended Resources

  • District online resources: textbook, simulations, videos, etc

  • hundreds of science videos that have been viewed millions of times by learners around the world

  • Easy to follow instructional videos and quick diagnostic quizzes/practice Khan Academy is closed-captioned with great educational videos. It is also available in multiple languages. Check here for availability - What languages is Khan Academy available in?


Additional Science/Math Resources:


CrossCurricular &/or Culturally Relevant

  • Zinn Education Project - Provides free downloadable lessons and articles organized by theme, time period and grade level.

  • Venn Diagram of Practices in Science, Math & ELA

  • Scholastic Magazines - free 20+ days learning at home, also available in Spanish. Different magazines that cover different content & grade levels (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)



  • Phet Simulations - Provide interactive simulations for Math and Science 

  • HHMI- Biointeractive - Data rich activities and case studies 

  • PBS NOVA -  Free educator library containing science video series, audio segments, lesson plans and interactives.  

  • Newsela - Services are free the remaining of the school year - Platform of world trusted resources to turn into learning. 

  • ScienceWorld - Subscription based (but free 20+ day currently)- printed and online magazine provided along with online materials

  • Gizmo - Interactive Math and Science simulations 

  • Code - dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools 

  • NASA - STEM Engagement activities and educational resources 

  • Explore a wide range of live webcams from across the world.

  • Geology Kitchen ep09

  • Geology Kitchen - Videos connecting geology concepts with food 

  • A Collection of Classroom Activities and Lesson Plans. List of teacher resources that can easily be modified and incorporated into the earth science classroom.

  • Project WILD is all about hands-on activities- even when you can't all be in the same place together! K-12 

  • STEM/STEAM project challenges across district or state 

  • A collection of possibilities. Watch for other collections from other sites.

  • High School Physics via YouTube

  • Stan Bergkamp, 2005 Milken National Educator, offers his KS HS fall 2018 Physics class under his channel with supplemental materials for teachers & students. Email:

  • Tap into over 140 years of USGS research in the natural sciences in the form of lesson plans and activities, maps, podcasts, online lectures, videos and animations, and much more. Browse thousands of ideas for using these resources in elementary, secondary, university, and informal education settings.

  • A diverse collection of lessons and web resources for classroom teachers, their students and students' families. Materials are arranged by subject area to help you quickly find resources in your interest area, and then use them to create lesson plans or at-home activities.

  • Biology, Essentials of Physics and Chemistry, and Freshman General Science content broken down into quarter units that can be done by students at home as an individual study.
  • Environmental Science resources and lessons for all ages
  • How to start your own garden at home to provide a portion of your own food.  Lessons that students can do individually or families can do together.



  • KATM resource sheet - The form is separated into grade bands along the left and by learning experience along the top. Every grade band has at least one item listed in each learning experience type.

  • #KSMathEd - Kansas Math Ed twitter chat to gather ideas and resources.

  • GeoGebra - Mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package.

  • Illuminations - Lessons,  interactives and educational games.

  • Mathalicious - Lessons are standards based math through real-world topics

  • Virtual Nerd - video math tutorials K-12

  • Prodigy - Diagnostic test available, embedded assessments, and automatic differentiation, students succeed at their own pace.

  • Khan Academy - Video lessons, practice and assessments available

  • MobyMax - Moby Math finds and fixes missing math skills that are essential for math comprehension.

  • IXL - Help students gain fluency in math concepts. Unlimited questions on thousands of math topics and a comprehensive reporting system.

  • Quizizz - link to google classroom - assign as “homework/practice”

  • Kahoot - Free premium accounts available

  • Science and Math Simulations

  • Daily STEM provides STEM challenges for at home or in the classroom

  • Estimation 180 Days

  • Number Sense and Estimation Challenges


Technology to help teach Math lessons:

  • Edpuzzle - Turn videos into lessons 

  • Educreations - Turn videos into lessons with checkpoints throughout, opportunities for input and assessment.

  • Screencastify - Record, edit and share videos created by you.

  • Desmos - collection of engaging math activities


Graphing Calculator Software/Apps:

  • Desmos - Graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more - for free! Also available as an app on Google Play and Apple App Store

  • TI Software - 6-month licenses of TI software to give students and teachers access to the full functionality of their calculators from any PC or Mac computer. Soon releasing a Chromebook app.

  • Wabbitemu - creates a Texas Instruments graphing calculator right on your Windows, Mac, or Android device.