Secondary Social Studies


Secondary Social Studies

Continuous Learning Framework Resources

Recommended Resources

  • Kansas Council for Social Studies

  • Kansas Council for History Education

  • Kansas Council for Economic Education

  • Kansas Geographic Alliance


Possible ideas...

  • Journaling
    • Single Google Doc or notebook

  • Add more each day with pictures, doodles, ideas, etc.

  • Student creativity alleviate social emotional tension

  • Classes may utilize a single document to communicate

  • Journals could be donated (pending personal issues of privacy) to local/state Historical Societies.

  • Letters 
    • Paper or letters

  • Write to relatives, the elder community, etc. to offer respite and encouragement. Can be electronic or paper.


Interviews(heed guidelines)

  • Photographs

  • Sounds

  • Blogs or Vlogs

  • Be creative with the recording history as it happens

  • Post on social media

  • Interact as a class

  • iCivics - (Requires Free Registration)

    • offers fun and engaging computer games that teach the concepts of American democracy

    • Founded by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

  • Smithsonian Learning Lab (Requires Free Registration)

    • Offers almost 5 million images of Smithsonian artifacts covering all museums

    • Super talents staff support the site and offer webinars

    • Example Collections can be found here Search | Everything

  • Stanford History Education Group

    • Incredible source for lessons using primary sources

      • Civics Project

      • Reading Like a Historian (Requires Free Registration)

  • PBS Learning Media Crash Course


  • PBS Crash Course Videos - Numerous subjects from social studies, science, statistics, economics, psychology, etc.

    • Closed captioned on YouTube

    • Entertaining

  • Gilder Lehrman Institute - (Requires Free Registration)

    • Full of resources for history

    • Uses readings and primary sources

    • Webinars for teachers and professional development

  • Teaching American History

  • Teaching American History - (Requires Free Registration)

    • Huge library of primary documents

    • Webinars for teachers and professional development

    • Sample curriculum for U.S. History and U.S. Government also available

  • Foundation for Teaching Economics

    • Economics lessons, activities, and simulations

    • Offers teacher webinars and professional development

  • Bill of Rights Institute

  • Bill of Rights Institute

    • Great lessons on the different rights covered in the first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution

    • Good primary sources

    • Offers teacher webinars and professional development

  • ESSDACK - Educational Service Centers in Kansas, that provides innovative and powerful solutions to the educational community

  • World Digital Library is collection of digital sources from the national and important museums of nations around the world.

  • Source of current political cartoons

  • Website of animated battles and wars across the world

  • National Geographic

Classroom Resources

  • National Geographic Society offers educational resources for Grades Pre-K–12, from brief activity ideas to rich multimedia lessons.

  • Open source U.S. History textbook through Stanford University

  • Open source option for U.S. History and Government readings that gives a quick history of events and lots of connecting links to find deeper information, written by well-known historians