Continuous Learning Framework Resources

Physical Education/Health

  • Active Home offers tools on making your home an active home.

  • Believe in You Videos series assists with building social emotional health.

  • Choose My Plate is a website for students and parents to learn about nutritional needs.

  • Online Health Educators Unite is a website for supporting Secondary Health standards.


Art Education

  • Online Art Teachers (K-12) Facebook Group, Google Drive Folder: lessons, sample choice boards and resources for online/distance art classes.

  • Art of Education University offers online art lessons,  professional development, and more. Follow their Twitter feed at @theartofed 

  • Davis Digital: visit to request a login for open access through June 30th.


Music Education

  • Author has uploaded offline files for teachers to use with their students but she also has an online component which has been opened up for free access to all students-- https://musicplayonline.com

Student login: snow Password: 2020

  • We offer a wide range of high quality teaching and extra-curricular activities.

  • Lessonface connects students to great teachers for live lessons and classes online.

  • Facebook group where teachers are collaborating and sharing ideas and files.

  • Facebook page connecting Elementary Music Teachers

  • Used in conjunction with free tool Zoom you will be able to lead online rehearsals which will help protect your revenue stream and support your choir members who may well be feeling isolated at home.

  • Online support for choir teachers to network

  • Online directory to connect music teachers to online sources


Computers/Technology (Elementary)

  • K-12 technology projects - Costs money but might be waiving the fee soon. FREE monthly lesson signup available.

  • Site for K-5 technology lessons and guidance for teachers

  • Online adventures in various content areas. Allows teachers to create adventures. First month free.

  • Our six Computer Science Fundamentals courses are flexibly designed for teachers new to CS who want to offer accessible and equitable introductory CS courses to their students.



  • These Facebook groups provide ideas and resources available to librarians and other educators. These groups are great for updated resources on companies granting free access to their products.

  • Create classes and create academically aligned digital games

  • Common Sense Media provides digital citizenship and media resources


World Languages

  • Teachers world-wide that share content and teaching ideas that are currently using SOMOS.

  • Kansas Network of World Language Teachers 

  • Free 30 Day subscription - Self paced learning platform

  • Free subscriptions and online lesson plans. Engaging and accessible.

  • See this resource for uses of Pear Deck in the classroom. 

  • Quizlet Live allows for students to log on remotely and play using a game code


Theater, Speech & Debate

  • These facebook groups will be a great tool as resources are shared and updates are given

  • Digital database of resources

  • Digital, online sources to support teachers of the theatrical arts

  • Online source for live performances (Free 30 day trial)

  • Virtual library of Theatre and Drama sources from around the world

  • The RSC Live Collection for monologues and plays

  • Collection of Audio drama - option for online performances?