Student Support Services


Secondary Student Support Services

Continuous Learning Framework Resources


  • Kansas School Mental Health Initiative

  • Directory of Mental Health Resources in Kansas
  • The American School Counseling Association’s statement on how school counselors can support staff and students. 

  • The College and Career Competency Wheel includes 26 specific competencies categorized in three domains.  This site includes free, research-based instructional resources for all 26 competencies, as well as professional development opportunities to systematically teach competencies and academic learning standards simultaneously, thereby improving academic achievement, engagement, and post-school outcomes.

  • Various resources to help students and adults to cope with stress and anxiety during this time.

  • PDF from the Fred Rogers Center on how to talk to children about this national challenge.

  • Centers for Disease Control guidance on how to prepare and manage stress during this time

  • 25 mindfulness activities for children and teens

    • PDF download available for more

  • Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Social Emotional Learning Resources During COVID-19

  • Making the Most of “Going Virtual” in Response to COVID-19

  • Facilitates the teaching of Character Development by showcasing tangible life lessons through episodes with rich, raw and engaging video content. Specifically targets junior high and high school students with relevant discussions about current events.

  • This is a fact sheet on the signs of stress in yourself or others.

  • America’s Promise Alliance Covid-19 Resources.  This contains links to a wide-range of resources for educators, students, families and community members.