Tips for Learning Online – For Students


Adapted with permission from ESSDACK

You’ve found yourself learning online. It’s going to be different, for sure, but we can do this. And here are some tips to help you through!

Find a place in your house that is free from distractions, where you can also be comfortable and focus on connecting with your class. Having a hard surface or table helps stabilize your device so no one gets sea-sick watching your camera sway back & forth on your lap. Plus, it’s just safer for your device!

Remember your teachers want to see and hear your voice! They are here to answer your questions and concerns. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Keep a drink of water nearby, but be sure it has a tight lid in case of spills! No one wants a wet device!

If you don’t understand what is going on, ask a classmate. And if they’re giving you info that you’re not sure about, go ahead and ask your teacher. She or he will have given you contact information. Is that an email? Is that through your Google Classroom? Maybe SeeSaw? Ask. Don’t just sit and wait. And while mom/dad/grandma/classmate could try to help, sometimes those questions are best asked to your teacher.

Don’t wait until something is almost due to ask for help. Be proactive in getting help when you’re feeling stuck.

Take a study break! Don’t just sit at the computer. Your eyes need a break (which includes video games too, if that’s your favorite break) and your legs need to move!

Help your family set a schedule that includes learning time, movement time, playtime, snack time, etc. Maybe it also includes board game time with your family. Brainstorm what your family’s day will look like and start getting in that routine. And make sure everyone is on the same page so no one hassles you when you’re taking a break. So if the schedule needs to change, ask for a family meeting/discussion so again, we’re on the same page.

Do you like to listen to music or watch TV while you work? Sometimes that’s awesome for tuning out the noises of the house, but you might find yourself watching the TV instead of working. Be mindful of what you’re doing when you should be working. Figure out what works best for your learning

Watch the volume on those earbuds and headphones! Once your hearing is gone, it’s gone. When in doubt, turn it down.

Finally, have patience with yourself, your classmates, your family, and your teacher. This is new to all of us.